Laura Wallon

Age: 16

School: Archbishop John Carroll High School

Grade: 10th

Background/Interests/Hobbies: Laura has had a deep interest in writing since she was very young. She loves creative writing, crafting short stories, essays, and miscellaneous pieces with vigor.

Laura’s passion for writing goes hand in hand with reading. She reads plenty of books and says she is particularly interested in history. She believes studying history can reveal valuable things about the present time.

Outside of writing and reading, she also plays tennis for her school.

Reasons for applying for the workshop: Laura is attending this workshop in hopes of discovering what the field of journalism is like hands-on. She also wants to make connections, both with people in the journalism industry and peers her age.

Looking ahead: Laura wants to go to college and is considering a career in journalism. She believes school is very important, both for the individual and for society, saying that “without learning, we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.”

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