Dorien Harris

Age:  17

School:  Science Leadership Academy at Beeber

Grade: 12th

Background/interests/hobbies: Dorien has been storytelling all his life, from dancing to writing short novels to now creating videos. Dorien is passionate about his business with video editing. About one year ago, Dorien started a group in the editing community called Black Art Society. Black Art Society’s mission is to encourage and empower artists of color. 

Reason for applying for the workshop: Dorien joined the Acel Moore workshop to learn and get more experience with photography. Dorien also was curious to know more about photojournalism before deciding if he wanted to make it his future career. 

Looking ahead: In just a few months, Dorien is planning to go to college to major in mass communications. He wants to expand his business with photography, videography and graphic design.

“I taught myself how to edit videos, and even how to run my own business, so I know there will be no trouble achieving my dreams,” he said. “By seeing the success of my business so far, I know that my future will see nothing but prosperity.”

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