Faith Chung

Faith Chung is a 17-year-old junior at Julia R. Masterman High School. Ever since she won an award for a playwriting contest back in seventh grade, she knew she wanted to be a writer. She loves creative writing because of the infinite freedom it grants to the writer to imagine and reimagine anything.

Her parents constantly push her to succeed, but she is thankful for what they do.

“They have always instilled a great work ethic in me from a young age,” she said. This motivates her to do great things in life and be successful.

Outside of school, Faith is on her school’s swim team, which won a championship last year with her help. She also enjoys teaching, helping out with educational programs in El Salvador and Philadelphia.

“I know how privileged I am to be living in middle America and never having to worry about the quality of my education,” she said. “Helping kids who are less fortunate in this regard is the best I can do.”

Whenever possible, Faith loves to travel. She has already visited places like Rome, Paris, Taiwan, and Shanghai, and hopes to see many more wonders in her time. She sees traveling as an opportunity, not just to eat exotic foods or see beautiful sights, but also to learn and understand more about the world’s diverse cultures.

Faith believes that the journalism of today needs change.

“All the fake news, dishonest reporting, bias, lies — it frustrates me,” she says. “Journalism should be about disseminating information, about spreading the truth.”

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