Eric Wang

Eric Wang is a freshman at Pennbrook Middle School. For only being 14 years old, Eric has an impressive amount of accomplishments in his life. He credits all of it to his parents, who suffered from many hardships in China, and then immigrated to America when they graduated from high school.

All of their hard work and sacrifices allowed Eric to pursue his passions. One of his main passions is music. Eric fell in love with the piano due to its versatility, and has played it for the past nine years. He enjoys classical, jazz, and pop music.

Another passion Eric has is mixed martial arts (MMA). He has learned it for the past six years, and won many competitions in kickboxing and jujitsu. Eric also enjoys writing, so much so that he is considering pursuing it as a career in either law or journalism. The subject of history also stands out to him due to its compelling stories and learning about different cultures. His love of history also comes from the many countries Eric has traveled to. He has been exposed to many cultures in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Paris, and China.

However, there is one thing Eric wishes he could change. His school district only has three grades in high school, so Eric has to attend his middle school as a freshman. There are many issues with transportation, sports, extracurricular activities, and classes in his middle school. He wishes his school district would change the policy to have four grades in high school. Eric is going to pursue this topic at the workshop and report on it.

Out of everything in Eric’s life, his family is the most important to him. He is incredibly grateful for all that they have done for him, and firmly believes that “nothing is stronger than family.”

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