Dariana Garcia-Bernabe

Dariana Garcia-Bernabe, 18, is a senior at the Franklin Learning Center. She lives in South Philly. Dariana is a curious and creative girl who loves horror films.

Education is very important to Dariana. From a young age, her mom has instilled the importance of hard work. Knowing her mom is very hardworking and has never given up on her education, she aspires to do the same. In school, her favorite subject is English, because she likes to read and explore different authors and their different interpretations of stories. For the school newspaper, she writes album and movie reviews and she writes about events at school. Dariana’s interests include alternative rock music, books, and films.

In the future, Dariana sees herself in a career involving directing or journalism. As a director, she wants to direct unconventional horror films and stay away from clique horror movie ideas.

Dariana feels very strongly about global warming. She explains that life depends on the earth, so we should stop ruining it. She also wants to bring attention to diversity in the film industry. She wants to see more people of color being represented in movies.

One quote that Dariana lives by is “Don’t stress” about school or your future.

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