Ebun Adebonojo

Ebun Adebonojo is a 16-year-old junior at Julia R. Masterman High School in Center City. She has spent her whole life living in the Northeast Philadelphia.

She is a dedicated writer for her school’s newspaper, and she takes great pride in a piece she wrote on how big name movies such as Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians introduced more representation for minority groups in mainstream media.

Also, the Acel Moore High School Journalism Workshop isn’t her first; last year she participated in a workshop at Haverford College that took writing and science and integrated them. This was an interesting experience for her, because, given her disinterest in science and her love for writing, she hoped that this would make science more interesting for her.

Ebun takes pride in her roots. She is a member of the Courage Christian Center, which is a local church that has a large Nigerian presence. Given her Nigerian heritage, she feels that this is more than just a church, but also a cultural gathering. Along with having a desire for a sense of community, she also has a desire for a sense of family. This is why she has on several occasions taken a trip to England to visit with family.

Ebun finds her motivation to write in wanting to create an unbiased news source in which what people read reflects exactly what happened.

Her interest in journalism began to take shape in middle school, although she has always had a love for reading and writing. Ebun’s mission is to create a media outlet that tells it how it is — to give consumers an unbiased viewpoint so they can stay purely informed.

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