Sofia Deneka

Sofia Deneka is 16 years old and currently attends William Tennent High School as a junior. She was born in Philadelphia and lived in the Northeast section of Philadelphia before moving to Warminster, Bucks County.

Although she lived in Pennsylvania her whole life, her parents immigrated from Ukraine while the Soviet Union was falling apart. Sofia is an extremely independent and self-driven person, which she believes is an effect of being an only child.

Due to her independent nature, Sofia loves to go to Philadelphia, taking pictures and enjoying her own company and the community around her. If she is not in the city, she’s either listening to music like classic rock, reading, or collecting vinyl records.

Sofia has big plans for the future. After she graduates from high school, she plans to move to Washington, D.C. and attend a college majoring in criminology. After getting her degree, she plans to become an FBI intelligence analyst. Her plan is to make a difference and help solve the many injustices in America today.

Sofia wants to assist those who have been hurt by the justice system. She is open-minded to many ideas and will continue to grow and support others. Overall, Sofia is dedicated to helping those in need, while also having fun and enjoying her life.

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