School: Science Leadership Academy

Grade: 12th

Background/interests/hobbies: Shay is president of the Black Student Union and is a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance.  She is a member of Mother Bethel AME church, where she serves as a teacher for the preschoolers. In addition, she is part of the Young People’s Division of the church as recording secretary for the entire Philadelphia Conference.

Reason for applying: “I want to learn the basics of journalism as college preparation. I am excited to work with my mentor to convey my love for writing through my story. I find great joy in finding the deeper meaning for things and why something is happening. I am excited to learn basic journalism skills that will assist in shaping my writing, specifically for print media.” 

Looking ahead: “I want to mix my passion for journalism and activism to give voice to young Black Queer individuals whose voices are constantly being misrepresented in the media. I want to share the beauty of my community.”

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