Week 3 recap: Journalists share experiences

What’s a typical day like for the average journalist? What was the most impactful story you’ve ever covered?  How did you get started in journalism?

These questions and others by workshop participants were put to members of two journalist panels during Week 3 of the Acel Moore high school journalism workshop.

The answers gave students a glimpse into the world of a successful, modern-day journalist. People skills, tenacity, widespread knowledge, curiosity, and being a multimedia storyteller, they were told, are all essential attributes.

Twelve journalists from South East Asia dropped in on the workshop on Feb. 15. They were in the United States as part of a State Department cultural exchange program.
Manny Smith of CBS3

Inquirer reporters Julia Terruso and Mensah Dean, and Manuel McDonnell Smith, managing editor at CBS3, addressed students in an afternoon session moderated by Michael Days, vice president/diversity and inclusion. 

Earlier in the day, 12 visiting journalists on a cultural exchange program met with students.  The visitors from South East Asia cited differences in how journalism is practiced in their counties and the United States.  

Throughout the day, students gained traction on their multimedia projects and news articles for First Take.

Workshop participant Laura Wallon asks a question of a visiting journalist.

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