Eric Wang

Age: 16

School: North Penn High School in Lansdale, Pa.

Grade: 10th

Background/Interests/Hobbies: Eric Wang loves to read and write and enjoys learning about history. He is involved in concert band, chorus, and jazz band, and he has played piano for more than 10 years. In addition to those activities, he is involved in martial arts. Eric likes to discover underground music but also enjoys popular music.

Reasons for applying for the workshop: Eric applied last year and liked it so much that he came back for another year. He is interested in seeing more of the journalistic field. He also wants to further his writing skills and wants to learn how to analyze facts to become a lawyer.

“It has never been easier to be informed and it has never been easier to be misinformed,” he said.

Looking ahead: Planning to major in economics, Eric is looking at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Princeton University, and schools in California. After becoming a lawyer, Eric plans to start his own firm.

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