Shane Cohen-Mungan

Age: 18

School: Masterman

Grade: 12th

Background/Interests/Hobbies: Many of Shane’s interests revolve around a creative aspect. These interests include art, music, and writing. He enjoys watching movies, reading books, and discussing politics.

Reasons for applying for the workshop: Shane was involved in the Acel Moore Journalism Workshop last year as a junior. He realized he wanted to try harder this year and really get more out of the workshop altogether. Shane wants to learn how to really capture a story effectively. He also is not afraid to discuss topics no one talks about.

Looking ahead: Shane, being a senior, sees college in his future. Although he is not 100% sure what he wants to due he has explained his interests in becoming an artist. He wants to create poetry, novels, short stories, surrealist books, and experimental work. His interests in college include philosophy, literature, and art history. When asked why he wants to be in a career in arts and humanities he said, “You have freedom over what you create.”

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