Nahjiah Miller

Nahjiah Miller is a 17-year-old junior at Mastery Charter-Pickett.

Outside of school, she is interested in film and drawing and goes to POPPYN (Presenting Our Perspective on Philly Youth News) every Monday and Wednesday. The program is based around filming video episodes about youth issues as well as positivity.

One thing Nahjiah is interested in when it comes to photojournalism and journalism overall is sharing hidden stories. Sometimes we become oblivious to things that happen around us and don’t even notice things that happen in our community. Sometimes a picture packs more of a punch than words, no matter if good or bad. It allows the reader to feel different emotions than when they read about things such as a community’s struggles or cruel conditions that people are forced to live in. Words don’t always show the extent of how bad things are, while pictures can get the reader to understand the things that are really happening.

Nahjiah’s goal during the Acel Moore High School Journalism Workshop is to improve her skills in writing and photography. She wants to be able to capture pictures that can move one’s emotions, and hopefully decide what she wants to major in when she gets into college. Her plan is to eventually major in something related to media and communication, whether it be photography or film, or even being a photojournalist. She can’t see herself in any other field other than the one she enjoys.

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  1. Nahjiah, this is excellent. So proud of you! I will be looking to see more great things from you in the future. – Mr. Holland

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