Zachary Bouggess

Zachary Bouggess is a 17-year-old junior at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School. Since he was in fifth grade, he has been in love with writing stories, whether they be analyses, creative pieces, or just pieces for fun. This love of writing began when he would read Sports Illustrated beat articles on topics regarding anything and everything in the wide world of sports. From then on, he has participated in various essay contests, historical research contests, and even his school newspaper.

He believes that writing and the art of journalism should be restored and kept sacred in this evolving world of technology. We must keep up with the times, he expresses, to capture the attention of the new generation of readers. Zach is adamant that without the art forms of writing and reporting, the world would not have any means of communicating news to the people who need it most.

Besides his hobby of writing, a big part of Zach’s life is family, hanging out with friends, and sports, as he plays for the track and football teams of his school. You can find him training for football, working out at his local gym, or spending time with friends and family. He is the energetic and goofy friend in the group, but he is serious about certain things when need be.

Zach grew up in Voorhees, N.J., but moved to Swedesboro, N.J. in 2006 to a bigger house to accommodate the size of his family. He lives with his mother, brother, sister, and grandparents.

For his career after college, he wishes to be a sports journalist, not only writing stories about the games and practices, but about more human stories that contain meaning and substance rather than scores and scouting reports. Sports already take up a large portion of his life, so it would be perfect, he figures, to combine the two things he loves: writing and sports.

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