Lillian Cadet

Lillian Cadet, a 17-year-old Northeast resident and a proud Haitian-American, is currently a senior at Samuel Fels High School. She participates in the school’s badminton team and has been an intern for Fels’ deans for three years now. However, when Lillian is not in school she is building her future by being a Philadelphia Futures scholar in a program that aids her in becoming a first-generation college student and having a successful career of her choice.

This is Lillian’s first year in the Acel Moore High School Journalism Workshop; her goals are to network with the Philadelphia Inquirer company, to increase her writing skills and to start her own career as a writer.

Writing has been a stress reliever for Lillian since she was in middle school. From reading fictional and memoiristic novels to writing short stories and poems about the wonders of her thoughts, she has demonstrated her love for exploring the world of literary expression. Lillian’s love for literature did not just lead to her wanting a career as a writer but gave her the passion to aspire to become an English teacher.

Lillian’s career as a writer does not stop with the Acel Moore workshop, it will continue when she becomes an English major at Gettysburg College this fall. She will try her best to get published in Gettysburg’s self-titled magazine.

Lillian’s future is bright with opportunities for her to take advantage of and she will consistently prove not only to others but to herself that she can be successful.

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