Stephanie Romero

Stephanie Romero is an 18-year-old bonafide writer. She wrote her first script when she was 11 years old and has written more than 15 since then. One of her future career goals is to write or direct her own television show.

She is in 12th grade and wants to go to college for film production or journalism. She attends Community Academy of Philadelphia.

Stephanie and her twin sister were born 10 minutes apart. She likes having a twin, because there’s always someone there and she’ll never feel alone.

She is a self-taught piano player and has played since she was 12 years old. She likes to watch Youtube videos of songs to learn new and innovative ways to create on her piano.

If you were to ask Stephanie whether she prefers the DC or Marvel comics universes, she would say DC. Most of the scripts she has written are off of her favorite TV shows from the network, The CW. She watches Supergirl, Flash and The Arrow. Those shows also happen to be her favorite superheroes, and in that order.

Stephanie watched Wonder Woman when it came out in 2017 and saw the impact it made on the film industry. Wonder Woman is a DC major motion picture with a mostly female cast. Stephanie saw in Wonder Woman “a balance between heartfelt and action-packed,” which is key in making movies today.

For her New Year’s resolutions, Stephanie wants to kick-start her career, make more connections and become a better writer. One thing she hopes to achieve with her writing is “show, don’t tell.” Or has she says, “Take the reader in and tell their story.”  

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