Ebony Graham

Aspiring journalist Ebony Graham is a 16-year-old junior at Julia R. Masterman School in Philadelphia, Pa. Ebony’s interest in journalism was inspired by a combination of her love for communicating and writing and the influence of her brother, Eldon Graham, who was a journalist himself. You can expect Ebony’s articles to focus on politics, another passion of hers.

“I’ve always focused on political events in the world,” Ebony said.

Complimenting her interest in current political events, Ebony’s enthusiasm for African-American history plays a very prominent role in her life. During her eighth grade year, Ebony began to learn about historic African-American Writers and the Harlem Renaissance. Observing how engaged in the subject she was, one of Ebony’s teachers recommended she take part in a nationwide competition: the African-American History Challenge. After winning the Pennsylvania state competition, Ebony and her teammates traveled to Houston, Texas, where they flew through the preliminary rounds and won second place in the country.

Ebony is driven by one statement, “History does repeat itself,” which inspires her to continue learning about the history of her race and the future of the world we live in today. However, underneath this mature shell is a genuine, easygoing, and light-hearted person.

When it comes to her friends, Ebony prides herself on keeping the conversations truthful.

“Always telling the truth is more of a benefit than a detriment to me,” she said.

In her free time, she mainly stays home and takes it easy. In school, she takes part in various clubs, such as African-American Culture Club, and athletics, such as basketball. And outside of the classroom, Ebony can be found in her church, either singing in the choir, reading the Bible on her own time, or participating in open religious discussions.

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