Nzinga Suluki-Bey

Nzinga Suluki-Bey, 16, is a high school junior who attends the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. She participates in a number of activities that include school clubs, such as debate, poetry, and engineering. She is also proudly a part of the black student union and the Latino club.

Protecting LGBTQ+ rights and fighting for racial unity is very important to her. She regards race as merely a label. She says that as long as humans continue to categorize things, which itself is inherently human, then racism will remain an issue. She exhibits strong personal morals, as is evident when she says that she cares a lot about others and that she values the truth. She also deeply values learning and teaching others.

She cherishes her family; her mother and her younger sister are important figures in her life. She describes her 8-year-old sister as her world. Nzinga feels like a mother figure for her sister because of their age difference. She says that her sister taught her how to be a role model.

Her passion is creating. She finds creativity in everything, including things like writing, clothing, and her own blog. She loves writing, because she feels that it has the power to influence others and change their perspectives. She displays her creativity when she sees a piece of clothing and envisions it differently to make it original and unique to her style. Additionally, she has her own blog, called Be You, in which she showcases her individuality.

In college, she plans to major in marketing and fashion merchandising. She loves business. She feels that it encompasses everything and with it, she can fulfill her passion of being innovative. One of her goals is to create a fashion line before turning 20 years old.

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