Franchesca Carrera

Franchesca Carrera is a 16 year old junior at Franklin Learning Center.

Born and raised in North Philadelphia to Dominican parents, she holds her culture and history deep in her heart. To her, being Dominican is a gift. Being able to be a part of such a vibrant and electric community ensures that there is never a dull moment in her life. She uses her ability to speak and write in both Spanish and English to her advantage when writing.

When she is not at school tackling her Advanced Placement classes, she is practicing her photography skills, painting with her brother, and writing poems and short stories for fun. Thanks to her brother, she gets to express herself in more ways than one. Once a week they follow painting tutorials and go outside a photograph the world around them.

She realized she had a passion for writing after going through notebooks full of stories she wrote when she was younger and realizing that she had quite a talent for it.

This talent turned into a passion for writing and expressing herself through her work. She hopes to become a photojournalist or a broadcast journalist. Her desire to become a journalist came from being a part of her high school newspaper and taking journalism classes. Being Hispanic, she often found herself watching the Telemundo news channel with her mother. This was when she began to think of journalism as a career for herself.



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