Troy Gibbs-Brown

Troy Gibbs-Brown is a 17-year-old senior at The Haverford School. He is passionate about photography and the conservation of the environment. His love for the environment spawned from partaking in Biological Justice and Environmental Ethics classes and the study abroad trips that he has taken over four years.

He has trekked to far-out destinations, such as Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Spain. Upon returning home from his trips, he realized that the world has beauty that should be preserved. He also realized that poachers and pollution are threatening the Earth and both should be stopped.

Troy not only describes himself as a conservationist, but also as the goofball in his friend group. Although he will do anything he can to make his friends laugh, that doesn’t mean he won’t speak his mind and be real about the way he feels.

Troy grew up in Upper Darby, Pa., but he and his mother recently moved to Coatesville, Pa. His mother wanted a better place to raise him, so they settled in Coatesville after much searching.

Troy not only devotes his time to the environment, but also to the people around him by being a part of the Diversity Alliance and the Black Student Union at his school. He attends a predominantly white school, so he works with the two organizations to try to get new people into the Haverford School. He believes new people will provide new perspectives. When he is not trying to better the world, Troy enjoys playing football and running track during the spring and winter seasons.

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