Nia Lartey

Nia Lartey, 18, is a senior who attends Penn Wood High School. She currently lives in Lansdowne, Pa. with her father, twin sister, and 13-year-old sister. Nia is a curious individual who wants to use journalism to make people aware of the world around them.

Nia is very interested in news and politics; therefore, studying Political Communication fits her the most. She will attend George Washington University in the fall.

Nia is class president in her high school. She is the spokesperson for her class year and represents the student population to the administration of Penn Wood High School. Nia is also a member of the Speech and Debate Team at her school, which allows her to voice her opinions on current social issues. 

In addition, Nia is a very dedicated community member. She is a tutor at a local elementary school and mentors her students. Moreover, she is an intern at Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union and educates the public on financial literacy. 

Nia continues to uplift her peers and spread the knowledge she obtains through her research. She is an amazing individual who will eventually leave an imprint in the world of both media and knowledge.

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