Syreeta Williams

Syreeta Williams, 17, is a junior at Franklin Learning Center, where her favorite class so far is A.P. Literature, and her favorite literary work is Hero by Perry Moore.

Syreeta desires to be a journalist, and wishes to attend University of California at Los Angeles due to the college’s beautiful campus and her desire to travel. Fittingly, she wouldn’t mind becoming a foreign correspondent, though her preferred beat will be political.

Syreeta first ignited her political flame and hearty interest in journalism her sophomore year, after being exposed to socially conscious podcasts and other forms of media. Since then, she has attended various marches and protests in support of LGBT and immigrant rights, and even covered the 2016 Democratic National Convention as part of a youth news group. She has also interned at local social justice groups.

When not working in her hometown of West Philadelphia, Syreeta has various other hobbies to keep her busy. She loves writing poetry and reading her work at open mic events; exercising her photographic ability in local Philadelphia classes; playing with her pet cat, Spike, and dog, Princess; listening to old-school R’n’B and soul; and teaching herself how to play guitar.

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