Jaleel Jones

Jaleel Jones is a 17-year-old senior at Boys’ Latin High School. Jaleel was placed there by his father his first year of high school.

He didn’t initially want to attend because it is an all-boy school but later on he was grateful his dad made that decision because it was easier for him to keep his grades up and he was always motivated to do well.

Outside of school, he works at Fresh Grocer, where he has been working for two months now. When Jaleel isn’t busy he likes to play basketball in his neighborhood of West Philadelphia, where he grew up all his life.

Jaleel likes to write plays and short stories in his spare time.

He first started his creative writing when he was in the eighth grade and wrote a story about African immigrants moving from Chicago for a better life and his teacher sent it off to Philadelphia Young Playwrights because of his ability to write a play that well at a young age the P.P.W enjoyed it as well. He gets the plot of his plays from events that happen in his life.

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