David Tilli

David Tilli, 19, is a senior at Neshaminy High School.

David is glad to be apart of the Acel Moore Workshop in order to help in expanding his experience is journalism. Before David’s freshman year in High School the career path of becoming a journalist wasn’t always in mind. He wanted to be a FBI agent but then realized that he liked to write when a teacher encouraged him to become a columnist.

In his family, David is one of the first to consider going into a field such as journalism. David specifically wants to be a political journalist because he is interested in the progress of our country.

David has participated in various activities throughout his high school and middle school years. He is a part of the band at his school, writes for the newspaper, and was a part of the Boy Scouts. One of David’s craziest memories when being a part of the Boy Scouts was when he visited an abandoned turnpike.

One of David’s favorite bands is Radiohead with his favorite song being “Let Down”.

While participating in the workshop, David hopes to get loads of experience that helps him in becoming a better journalist. David believes that it is more important to do things that he loves rather than getting a career just for the money, which is why becoming a political journalist is one of his main goals.

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