On behalf of the Class of 2023, thanks to all who participated

We couldn’t have done it without you

We gratefully acknowledge the following Inquirer staffers for their time and contributions in making this program possible.  

Steering Committee: Brittany May, Angie Baylock, Michaelle Bond, Lauren Schneiderman, Oscar Miller

Speakers: Gabriel Escobar, Richard Jones, Frank Wiese, Lauren Schneiderman, Layla A. Jones, Josh Tolentino, Vaughn Johnson, DeAntae Prince, Jonathan Lai, Erin Gavle, Joseph Hernandez, Jasmine Goldbland, Nicole Henninger, Charlotte Sutton, Danese Kenon and Rachel Molenda

Mentors: (writing) Beatrice Forman, Aubrey Whelan, Nate File, Kristen Graham, Michelle Myers, Erica Palan, Vinny Vella, and Lynette Hazelton

Mentors: (visuals) Lauren Schneiderman, Danese Kenon, Jasmine Goldbland, and Jenna Miller

Photography/visuals: Danese Kenon, Frank Wiese, Lauren Schneiderman, Elizabeth Robertson, Heather Khalifa, and Jenna Miller

Special Projects and Assistance: Jeanine Reilly, Mike Cruz and Nicole Henninger  

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