A typical day in the life of an Audenreid student

By Ronnae Silver

Universal Audenreid Charter High School

This project ​attempts to capture ​a typical day in the​ life of high schoolers at Audenreid. Many of them travel ​long ​distances just to get to school, and some days are​ tiring on arrival. But once in class​,​ everything changes. Just being there, lightens the mood. They see their friends, get down to the business of learning while socializing at the same time.

Students fill a hallway between classes at Universal Audenreid Charter High.
Zaniya’s smile brightens third-period Study Hall. This class helps students prepare for the Keystone Exams.
Aminata takes notes in her Drama and Journalism class. Her focus here is working on her vocabulary.
Green hugs friend Jamir during their Commercial and Advertising Arts class. A light goofy moment ended in a warm embrace.
Sanaa covers her face to show a designer manicure.
Ms. Dare makes a point in math class as students, Assateu, Quadirah, and Jaz listen.
Niara and Aminata take notes during their third period Anatomy and Physiology class.
Audenreid cheerleaders film on their phones at a surprise birthday party for their cheer coach.
Nadaija and Tyree hang out during their Commercial Arts class. They are seniors and finished all of their class work.

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