Riding the subway: the thoroughfare of the city

By Shandierah Allen

Universal Audenreid Charter High School

When we think of SEPTA, we don’t think about each passenger and their reason for using public transportation. In Philadelphia, I have observed high school students, single mothers, working men, people needing a quick ride after a long day, and many others from every walk of life relying on SEPTA to get around.

This photo series, which started out as a project about the conditions of SEPTA train stations, turned into a visual narrative about how mass transit allows people to come together as a community, yet remain apart as strangers.

Amy Yung is on the lookout for her train at the 30th Street Station.
In a crowded car, Alex Franklin heads to City Hall on the Market-Frankford Line.
Martin Park (left) and John Penn walk down the stairs to the subway platform at 8th Street Station on the Market-Frankford Line.
Nathan Allen enjoys some down time in the booth at the Fifth Street Station on the Market-Frankford Line.
At left, Zaniya Foster, 16, walks toward the 46th Street Station on her way to the Studio Movie Grill in Upper Darby, while Ajanay Miller heads home from work.
George Whiting leaving the El station and heads for work at the Studio Movie Grill.
Perre Love exits the Market-Frankford Line. She works as a street dancer.
Station booth operator Michelle Smith wrapping up the final hour of her workday.

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