Tanisha Agrawal

School: Conestoga High school

Grade: 11th

Background/interests/hobbies: I come from the East — India to be specific. I have spent a lot of time volunteering on the ground with people from different backgrounds. Writing and reading are especially close to my heart, because they are the medium I use to express myself. I also enjoy collecting coins (I have a collection from 35 countries now), playing chess, and swinging in the park at night.

Reason for applying to the workshop: I think The Philadelphia Inquirer is the epitome of free journalism in our community. I wanted to be exposed to the ground reality and a diversity of topics. Hence I chose to spend four weeks here with passionate journalists and learn skills and lessons that are sure to equip me for my whole life.

Future plans: I want to pursue media communication and international affairs and hope to become an investigative journalist someday!

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