The Coronavirus: Students in distress

By Oscar Miller

Program director

The global pandemic was one of several seismic events that made 2020 an unprecedented year. Amid a summer of racial reckoning, a contentious presidential election and its aftermath, and the deaths of Kobe Bryant, John Lewis and Chadwick Boseman among others, COVID-19 remained the top story. The pandemic has drastically altered our daily routines, destroyed lives and livelihoods, and disproportionately ravaged communities of color.

The impact of the disease on our mental health, particularly on students, may be hard to measure. But what we do know is that a quick shift to remote learning, self-isolation and social distancing have made students feel lonely and have increased their fears, worries, and anxiety.  These are among major stressors that can lead to mental health issues. So, how is a typical Philadelphia high school student coping?

We asked seven Acel Moore journalism workshop graduates – two of whom are now collegians – to chronicle their experiences in a series of blogs that will be posted here throughout a school year that will be like no other.

The following are their stories:

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