Dawning of a new day for for Hispanics?

By Lyanneyaliz Hernandez

Esperanza Academy 

On Nov. 7, as news spread of Joe Biden’s victory, people all over the country began dancing, blaring car horns, shouting and cheering, and wildly pumping fists in the air as they poured into the streets to celebrate ‘a new day in America.’

A mural on a wall of the Esperanza Academy school building reflects Hispanic pride and heritage . / Photo by Lyanneyaliz Hernandez

For most Hispanics, this meant one thing: equality and justice.

“We’re going to have more opportunities in which we feel more safe,” said Emely Rodriguez-Baez, a senior at Esperanza Academy. “We feel like Biden is going to hear our needs and he’s actually going to pull through as a loyal president.”

Angeris Encarnacion, a senior at Esperanza Academy, said she hopes a Biden administration will provide more resources for the Hispanic community. / Photo provided by Angeris Encarnacion

Unlike President Donald Trump, Rodriguez-Baez feels Biden will be more in tune to the needs of Hispanics and will promote policies to do just that. 

Racial tension and division in our country have grown worse in recent years. While much of the focus has been on the Black Lives Matter movement, Hispanics have also been strident in making their case for fundamental changes that will help improve their lives and transform their communities. 

“I’m hoping that [Biden’s] win means more resources for the Hispanic community, especially with immigration,” said Angeris Encarnacion, a senior at Esperanza Academy.

Emerly Rodriguez-Baez, senior at Esperanza Academy: “We feel like Biden is going to hear our needs,” / Photo provided by Emerly Rodriguez-Baez

 “His win could also benefit Hispanic neighborhoods. With his plans for raising taxes, I hope that the money will go to funding low-income communities.”  

Under President Trump, more than 5,400 migrant families were forcefully divided, according to a Vox report on family separations in America.

“There are many mechanisms for doing so, but what is important is that the Biden administration immediately provide relief to ease the suffering,” said Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project.

It’s time America have a sitting president who brings awareness and sensitivity to racism and social injustices placed on people of color.

 Seeing the joy and celebration of millions of people, even in other parts of the world, was uplifting. Hispanics in America deserve to be treated fairly by those in power. 

“Joe Biden’s win means a step forward for Hispanic people who are trying to make it in America,” Encarnacion said.

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