SLA Beeber driving their students to excellence

 Most high schools all around the state are teaching their students the basic curriculum that’ll just get them across the stage for graduation. But, at the Science Leadership Academy at Beeber in Philadelphia, some teachers in the Career and Technical Education program (CTE), are preparing their students for so much more than just graduation. Maximillian Lawrence, Educator and Director of the Engineering Program at the school, every year, chooses students who applied and have interests in engineering enter this 3-year program. The students in the program are learning skills such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer-aided design, programming, and more on top of their regular college prep schedules. Unfortunately, not all students make it through the program, but will be able to earn college credit if they do. All CTE students will have to take the NOCTI exam, a standardized test assessing students participating in career and technical programs, at the end of the three years. “Our driving goal is excellence , based on the greek concept of Arete. Be excellent at anything and everything you do.” said Maximillian Lawerence. 

It is a necessity that we have more programs like the CTE program and funding for these programs, especially for schools in Philadelphia. Not only does this program allow the students to earn college credit, but this program gives students a chance to learn skills even adults are struggling to learn. 

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