Sanai Browning

Age: 16

School:  Science Leadership Academy at Beeber 

Grade: 10th

Background/Interests/Hobbies: Sanai was born and raised in Lansdowne, Pa. and has a passion for creativity and writing. She also has a passion for performing, being involved in plays, and being in debates at school.

She is determined, hard-working and compassionate. She loves to have conversations and getting to know other people.

Reasons for applying for the workshop: She believes that everyone has a voice and that freedom of the press is important for everyone to have. Having a voice is something very important for her since she had to learn that skill a lot as a child. 

She hopes that this program will give her opportunities that will catapult her career in journalism.

Looking ahead: She hopes to be a journalist at CNN or NBC, writing out the stories that matter for all of America and hopefully the world. 

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