Kelvin Nuñez

Kelvin Nuñez lives through his words.

The 16-year-old junior at West Catholic Preparatory High School is respected among his peers for his innate skill of weaving together stories. He takes great pride in his writing and his teachers encourage him by telling him he has serious talent. Kelvin is an active student who participates in book club as well as spoken word at his school. Outside of school, he participates in the college preparatory program Philadelphia Futures. He looks forward to pursuing a career as a writer and being one of the first in his family to attend college.

Born in Manhattan, Kelvin is the only boy of five children. His family moved to Reading, Pa. when he turned two in 2004. Reading was where Kelvin’s imagination developed and took hold. He then moved again to Philadelphia in 2010, where he has lived ever since.

His two older sisters are proud of his quest for education. His parents show the young man the meaning of self sacrifice. He works hard to make them proud and to make all of their late nights and busy mornings worth it. He looks up to them for their hard work ethic and fortitude in challenging times. Those qualities trickle down to Kelvin. He was taught the importance of dedication, persistence, and respect.

“I feel like I have a voice that needs to be heard. That’s why I write,” Kelvin said.

Kelvin writes to express his emotions. His poetry is therapeutic. He cherishes his passion, as it allows a release for him.

“Poetry is how I let loose the pent-up rivers of my soul,” he said.

Kelvin’s colorful poetry has won him two awards, and he looks poised to contend for more. He is always looking for avenues for improvement.

Kelvin Nuñez is a painter of words, painting the valleys and peaks of his soul for the world to see.

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