Sabir Abdusshaheed

Sabir Abdusshaheed. It can be a mouthful to those unfamiliar with Arabic.

Sabir is quite fond of his name, which means “patience” in Arabic. Funnily enough, though, he believes it doesn’t describe him too well.

“I can’t wait for something to come to me. I have to get it,” he said.

Sabir is an extremely ambitious person. He has a variety of interests, ranging from media, basketball, clothes, music and different cultures, which goes hand in hand with his pursuit of traveling.

His goal is to travel to a minimum of three countries, where he can explore his passion for Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and black culture.

Ideally, Sabir would love to travel with his friends. He sees the people that he’s close with as literal family, and was raised at a very young age interacting with others. His parents were a great influence in getting him comfortable with performing and public speaking. He was 13 years old when he gave his first formal speech, at a banquet, on behalf of his school’s History Club.

Since then, his interest in engaging an audience has branched out further. He aspires to create his own brand called “Sabir In The Making.” It will be an entertainment brand which will incorporate the creation of short films, a clothing line, basketball tournaments, and such. He plans to have this label known all over, on par with name brands such as Adidas and Nike.

Where will we see him further down the line? One thing is for sure — Sabir, or “Saby” to some, will leave his mark.

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