“Inspiring” panel of professional journalists teach workshop students about perseverance

During the second week of the workshop, a panel of professional journalists spoke to students about their work and their paths to their current positions.

Maxine Crooks is an executive producer for 6ABC Action News. Keith Pompey is a Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News sports reporter who covers the Sixers. Aundrea Cline-Thomas is a reporter for NBC10 News. Quincy Harris is the host of “The Q,” a daily talk and variety show on Fox 29 and “The Quincy Harris Morning Show with K-Fox” on 100.3 WRNB. 

Students in the Acel Moore High School Journalism Workshop reflected on what they learned from the panelists.:

Avi Cantor: “Every person on that panel had battled adversity and it was really inspiring to see that at the end of the day, they’d been able to do what they wanted in life.”

Carlos Martinez: “The panel of different influential people were very inspiring. Especially, Quincy Harris and Aundrea Cline-Thomas were two people that gave me more insight in my career and gave me a comfortable position into my potential future life.”

Troy Gibbs-Brown: “What I took away from each and every one of the panelists last week is the drive that it takes to achieve your dreams and passions, no matter what those may be. I learned that when others doubt your vision, even your own family, sometimes it’s best to trust yourself and continue on your own path.”

Maeve Zeleniak: “The journalist panel really taught me that there are many different types of journalism, and a career takes a lot of work. It is necessary work that is hard but worth it.”

Yamelin Jaquez: “The panel was a great experience, especially to meet such inspirational people. Even though communications and media is not my first career choice, seeing Aundrea from NBC and what she went through to make it where she is really motivated me to possibly yield to a career as a broadcaster. Also, Quincy Harris was a very cool person to meet, because he says he has so much fun in with his job and having his own show is super cool.”

Zuha Mutan: “My biggest takeaway from the panel was that I have to be able to start at the bottom of the pyramid and build my way up, even if that means taking on a day and night job, or accepting a salary that doesn’t allow me to eat or drink as one of the panelists experienced.”

Journalists Maxine Crooks, Keith Pompey and Aundrea Cline-Thomas speak to students during the workshop. ELIZABETH ROBERTSON / Staff Photographer

Paula Diaz-Medina: “What I got out of the panel with the journalists was the knowledge of: keep it pushing. They got to where they are now fighting for it. Whether they went out their way to get the attention they want, or they worked hard on things that make them happy. I want to take that with me after I graduate and go to college and keep working through it regardless of the rocky road.”

Stephanie Romero: “What I took away from the panel was that for this career, I need to not be afraid to meet new people and make networks. I also need to have an open mind in this career, because it is a long, learning process.”

Lillian Cadet: “What I got from the discussion is that even when I make a mistake, be confident enough to correct myself and keep going. And also to always network with people and be nice to them.”

Khaaliq Van-Otoo: “The thing I really took away from the journalism panel was that persistence and perseverance is key. I have for a long time now thought of myself as a journalist, and I don’t really think about not achieving my goals of becoming a top journalist. What the panel of experts made clear to me though is that it wasn’t easy for them to get their feet in the door and it wont be super easy for me either. However like many other fields, it is a people industry and the more and strongest connections you make will be to your benefit.”

Zachary Bouggess: “My biggest takeaway was that you have to start small in order to work your way up in the world of journalism. If you work hard, don’t complain, and dive head first into your profession, then you will be guided to new heights and places never thought of or reached before.”

Ebony Graham: “My biggest takeaway from the panel of journalists was that I must find something that I enjoy or am interested in to be able to pursue it. If I do so, I will never actually work a day in my life.”

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