Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez, 18, is a senior at Community Academy of Philadelphia. He lives in North Philadelphia with his mom, dad, and sister. He is the youngest of four.

Carlos will be attending Barry University in Miami, Fla. He’s not sure about a career right now but when he does know, it will be something that will change the world. He is looking forward to maybe pursuing a career as a reporter in local or national news.

What made Carlos who he is now was growing up as a minority. He found himself being a statistic and wants to break free from that. He wants to prove everyone who doubted him wrong. He wants to show people who struggle with the same problems that they can overcome them too.

Carlos has been playing varsity soccer and baseball all four years of high school. He is a professional dancer for Muevete Dance Company. He is a very intelligent, outgoing person. He likes to talk about important things that are going on around his community and the world. He loves writing and talking to people. He is very optimistic about himself and knows he will conquer any problems to achieve what he wants.

Carlos’ favorite question is ‘’Why?’’ He is curious and wants to know everything about real-life situations. He will go out of his way to find the answer to all of his questions.

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