Tara Doll

Tara Doll, 17, is pursuing a career in journalism. Doll is the second oldest of four, alongside her two brothers and two sisters.

She was born and raised in Lexington Park in Northeast Philadelphia. Tara attended St. Matthew School, a Catholic school in the Mayfair area of the Northeast, before attending New Foundations Charter High School, which has been a major factor in her interest in pursuing journalism, due to her diverse environment and influential mentors.

Tara Doll is currently a senior at New Foundations. The past four years have helped her to branch off as an individual after spending nine years in a Catholic school. Going from a not-so-diverse, religious middle school to a very diverse high school was an eye-opening transition, and it has caused her to become very open-minded and to become intrigued by the stories of the lives of other people.

At New Foundations, Doll spends much of her time single-handedly formatting and editing her school’s newspaper, The Bulldog Bark. Currently, she is planning on majoring in journalism at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Doll plans on minoring in political science, as she believes the two topics in conjunction will broaden her career opportunities. Doll plans on pursuing her career in Philadelphia because it is such a diverse, iconic city that holds a strong media presence.

Asked to describe herself in just three words, Doll chose determinedlaid-back, and friendly.

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