Shawn Flythe

Shawn Flythe, 16, is a junior at the U School in North Philadelphia. She is very active in school and out. Outside of school she is very involved in church. She’s on the youth choir, she does volunteer work, and she praise dances. In school, she is a co-teacher at the U school, where she helps ninth grade students develop writing skills. She’s also in a writers workshop where she gets trained to be a tutor for all students.

Shawn is one out of 10 students that recently earned the “autonomous” level, the highest level at her school. It means that she has the freedom to make her own decision because she showed leadership and responsibility. Autonomous students can make their own working plan, schedule their own meetings, and go out of the building to do school work somewhere else.

Other than writing, Shawn has a passion for cosmetology, sketching, fashion design, modeling, and photography. She often tries to relate writing to her other interests to make it more exciting.

Shawn’s goal is to find a way to do something that requires all of her passions.

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